Global Advisory Panel

Global Advisory Panel

Dr Carlo Chalhoub
Chief Executive Officer
Chalhoub Consultancy
Carlo Chalhoub is a freelance financial consultant with more than fourteen years’ experience in the banking and finance industry.  Beginning as a loan manager, he has risen through the ranks of the banking world while building a reputation as a hardworking and charismatic innovator.

He spent two years as a relationship manager for ABN AMRO Bank in Dubai, and rose to the ranks of Senior Financial Adviser at first ABN AMRO and then BEMO bank in Dubai and Beirut, respectively.

In 2008 he left the finance industry to pursue his Doctorate of Philosophy in Political Science and Economics, with an emphasis on International Money and Finance and International Political Economy.  By exiting the industry to pursue further academics, he has managed to stay on the forefront of new fiscal and monetary theories, and has expanded an impressive breadth of experience to contain not just in business, finance, and banking, but also in the tangential fields of fiscal policy and monetary theory.

As a lecturer and seminar speaker, Carlo has taught subjects ranging from risk management to Islamic banking to wealth management, and has a reputation for lively discussions and exceptional attention to detail.  With more than eight years of experience, he is recognized by clients as highly skilled and effective.  His seminars are marked by the practical experience and friendly, no-nonsense approach he takes to each presentation, and he is known in the industry for the positive feedback his seminars garner.

Carlo has presented papers on Gulf Cooperation Council monetary union with an eye to the potential political fallout and fiscal benefits therein.  His analysis has been well received among academics, and he is a frequent contributor to the Claremont Graduate University IMF Working Group.

Professor Henry Godson
Godson International  Training Limited